Dr Evil And Mini Me Its The Hard Knock Life Lyrics

Take the base line now
You Don't have to! Bounce with it!

its a hard nock life for us.
its the hard knock life for us.
sted of treated
we get tricked!
stead of kisses
we get kicked!
its the hard knock life!

I don't know how to be
No crib on MTV.
God only knows. Got My Mini Me.
and the GPS
see how it goes.

Evils all I see!
* * *
"Its A Hard Knock Life"
* * *

You ask me my name.
G to the wizzo
E to the fizzo
I to the lizzo!

I'm a crazy Mother ****** you all knew that!
Austin caught me in the first act!
Its all backwards whats with that?
So i'll make a proficy from the dogs to the mini me!

Gimme an escalade!
A two way bling bling on ebay!
Domina s___!

its the hard knock life for us!
its the hard knock life for us!
Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!
Stead of treated!
We get beat
This is for all my homies in Bruge
Stead of kisses
we get kicked!
Its the hard knock life for us!
Its the hard knock life for us!
Ahh crystall!
My Mojo!
A couple of biotches!
Why not?

I gotta bust a move!
Drop and bust a grove!
Feelin fine.
gotta evil crew!
Goldmember too!
Lick my nine!

Until then I'll **** my nine!
Shizzle my nizzle ya'll!
This is Shoutout to Hoba hot mc
You all met him! thats JayZ!
Well I met him..
In a resturant

Stick that in your blunt and smoke it!
Yah I said blunt!!!

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