rek the heavyweight aka spawn got love Lyrics

I know, I know, I know...
My verbal rifle aim and snipe you
Hot powerd, i'm crack-tower like the eiffel
Chargin your front line, the armed rhino
Hyperspace - the speed that i take your t__le
My microphone's a spiked ball in chain
Keep your distance while i swing-might smash yo brain
And still remain clean without a stain
I'm spotless,can't see me, style's crushin the game
You're so faded, my grace's to potent
Heavyweight, you cant win not a chance its hopeless
Gotta shake it, scared shook, lost and broken
Toss the token, grind styles-leavin'em smokin
What? -we triumphant, nuts think ??
It's over now, you aint tall enough to touch us
Watch out, beware the one, rek the heavyweight
Bring heat like i carry the sun, burn the enemy

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