ricky it wasn't real 60% (acosutic) Lyrics

im suddenly stting in front of u.. these words dont mean what i really feel .. my guitar plays in a diff tune..there is sometng weird and sometihng pure..my fellings are hiding under my bed.. i haven't changed these chords since ive known you.. why dont you say sometng to me.. don't be afraid ts is between you and me ..

[ the wind hits my face and i close my eyes..and i can hear as u sai good bye..i try to get out and run behind of u but the mirror say stop it wasnt real ]//

sunshine trough my window hit my eyes.. the dark is open just like last night..i think about u girlfriend walk..but i need to taste something under my bed.. i could'nt find then i feel ok.. i can walk arround my ..why u do my way ..i dont want my feeling back please take them take them away

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