Butch Cassidy/Westside Connection Pimp the System Lyrics

Hold on let me see what this daddy here
Ok this the b____ here right now you know what i'm saying
Hey b____, what's happening
Yea b____, yea yea b____ I told you, I told you were gonna get it
I told you you were gonna be able to get it
Don't you worry about it
I already know what you trying to say b____
Yea b____ yea b____ only thing you do b____ is just go to work
Had on my bussines, get my money and don't get me no problems
And everything gonna be alright
(Whooa, pimp the system)
Because it ain't easy man
It may look glamour to you cause you see me ridin'
Snake skin down to the floor you hear
Platinum shoes and more
Diamonds on fingers and watches on arms
I'm telling you it may look easy baby
But you gonna have to work hard
To get to this point
See you at the top

[Ice cube]
I never pimp a ho, n____ pimp a CEO
Be my He-e-ro, make me mad as ze-e-ro
Im that ne-e-gro making it like itchy-ro
Ain't got time for no bow a__ b____y ho
Go to G-e-sale f___in with them e-e-mails
I'd rather get my s___ wide n____ e-e-mail
f___ a s__ slavior make what I just made
That b____ had to sell her p____ for a decade
And that's too much time for the brainy one
I'm on a daily run
To crack your cranium
Wrap uranium
Ain't nothin else
I pimp the system
b____ break yourself
If they got scrilla
Then I'm gorilla
If they figure
I'm a killa
Cause I'm a n____
Your prostitutes wear high heeled boots
My prostitutes wear three piece suits
Count your money n____

[Butch Cassidy - Chorus]
Pimp the system cause the game is grossing
Everyone listen to what we're proposing
Quit the quickness, we'll trick the system
Skills that will impress'em and make this slaves victims
Oh no no no
No more hesitation cause our game is stronger
Taking over
On top of the world they'll never take us under

[Mack 10]
b____ I'm a pimp
Mack daddy looking for the dollar
And that thirteen I drove a 6-4 impala
Young m_________er full of izm always d___ing
I don't kiss them, twsting, pimping the system
So vp's and presidents wherever you are
Just cut a f___ing check and I can bring you a star
Then read up on the deal, make them throw in the car
I got a young lawyer b____ she just passed the bar
See I'm a pure rare pimp, but I told them I got
Young homie p____ don't pay you like EMI
Mack find the ho
Then sign the ho
Then put the b____ out and steady grind the ho
Hit the radio jack and then just like that
b____ bring money back when the a__ on the track
A pro watch them come
And I watch them go
And if you don't pimp the system
Then you's a ho, whoa


b____ better have my money n____ I'm starv-o
I'm hard on the game like I'm hard on the cold
I treat rap like a trick
n____ the tag on the b____
Wrap through you rich
King Kong
The can of the b____
State your order
Wipe them off and put them on a corner
And if she good
I take her on tour bring me ebona
I'm a rider, gangsta, wall spray painter
True banger, got nam-e, taking out enemies with my fingers
Now feds and undies when the gummy thristy homies
Looking funny I converted the street like the rap money
And now is all about the benjis and with this pen
Leaning in my cadillac
Buffing on a De la Hoya checking ? for neighboors and high power lawyers
Cause i don't trust a b____
I'm trying to stay way rich
Break the b____ n____
Break this b____
Pimp the system


[Ice cube]
My n____ Mack said
Pimp stands for put it in my pocket
So that's what i'm gonna do
While ya'll thinking about b____es in corners
I'm thinking about the beach and coronas
You know what I'm saying


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