Municipal Waste The Art Of Partying Lyrics

There's thrashing all around
You know the Waste provides the sounds
To push the party level all the way to ten

The terror starts tonight
A drunken outrage in our site
And we won't waste our time to rip this place to shreds
We've broken all the laws and moshed on people's jaws
So you better take this beer bong and shove it down your neck

Some truly believe and here's to those that tried
Some people broke their limbs and others almost died
This song is for doing what you love not for the sake of fashion
And cheers to those who live their lives just for the sake of thrashing

As the thrash pounds through your head
Pound your drinks
Tonight we shred

We don't need their laws together we destroy
And I won't let them ruin the one thing I enjoy
Tonight's the night we finally get to rip this place apart
And this how we turn your boring party into art!

You worked so hard for many hours a day
It's time to cut loose you should express it in your own way

And edger's can still party too with X's on their hands
As long as you can rage hard with the drinkers of the land
No patrols going to stop doing our own thing tonight
No s___ty crew's with attitudes to ruin our good time

But if you love thrash you know we will supply
And we will keep the party going onward through the night
It doesn't matter how you look or how much you can yell
As long as you stay genuine and do things for yourself

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