Persefone Sanctuary: Light And Grief Act III: Exiled To The Void Lyrics

[5. The light punishes the Earth.
All living beings suffer the consequences. The earth
won't give its fruits anymore, rivers will lay as veins
with no blood and rain will be like dust over dead fields.
Her uncontrolled power affects all known places and
her screaming resounds all around.]

Night falls, horror stabs the living
With furious anger harvests are drown
Like death seeding the seeds of pain
Drying the open land, wiping out any sign of life

Clouds will cross the skies more than a thousand times
Before men can see their land thrive again

And a thousand thunders will sound,
And a thousand thunders will explode...

No longer hears the crying of desperate souls
No longer sees te horror in their faces
Only sees deathly souls crawling like a serpent
Famine strikes

Clouds will cross the skies more than a thousand times
Before men can see their land bloom again

[6. Exile.
Too many questions, no answers, Demeter abandons
the research an herself in an exile beyond heaven's
eyes and beyond earth's sight. Solitude builds walls
around her; maybe this is the only way.]

...and a thousand thunders will explode

After nine days searching for her
She ran away looking for shelter
Found her place in an unknown land
In a far away kingdom of the sand

Peace of mind is hard to find
She found a way out of her suffering
Just when about to let it all go
Uncertainty made her feel alone

[7. The message from the Father of gods.
Zeus sends a message to Demeter in a desperate attempt
to stop her rage, make her forget Core and bring her back
to the Olympus.]

Signs came in mysterious ways
Whispers from the wind - forget all about it
Clouds in the sky showed the way - fall into oblivion
Rain fell hard... it could be heard - forgive

(Father of gods' Theme)

Your thoughts are destroying you
The earth suffers the consequences of your acts
Abandon this mad crusade you've get into
And return to the place you belong to

Her feelings for him have changed with time
The lord of the underworld conquered her heart
Rumours say that she is not coming back
She doesn't want to come back

[8. Denial.
The truth in Zeus' words destroys all Demeter's hopes,
but her heart does not want to believe.]

No - I don't want to believe the words you tell
Lies - You only lie to blind my wounded heart
No I won't

I won't be fooled by your words
You won't poison my thoughts
I hold the truth in my mind
I'm lead by my soul to Core

The Lord of the skies, Father of gods
Got back to his throne denied by the Light
His aura vanished like the mist and a figure appeared
The wind rider

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