Persefone Sanctuary: Light And Grief Act IV: To Face The Truth Lyrics

[9. Hermes arrival.
Hermes, Zeus messenger, carries the news to Demeter,
Brings answers about Core, a pact.]

Hear the words I bring to you
From the underworld I've come
She will be released, brought back to you
Though you'll have to learn to share time

Time is something I've already lost

[10. Core's transgression.
The moment when Core and Demeter meet again has
finally arrived, although the words carried by Hermes made
Demeter doubt. Who was that figure calling her "mother"?
What was left of her daughter behind those eyes?]

Your light breaks the night with every step you take
Tears were not shed in vain
Nothing will tear us apart again
But there's something in your eyes, something evil...

His poison. No!
I was tempted. You were strong
No I wasn't. Aaaah!
You can't understand it. I don't want to

But here I am... your daughter, Persefone

[11. Consequences.
Nothing will ever be the same, Demeter accepts the pact
And with every step that Persefone takes to her mother,
Core disappears.]

Half the year away, half the year with me
As it always was it will be no more
I don't recognize you as my blood
I can feel his presence in your eyes

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