nb ridaz Tenderoni Lyrics

She my tenderoni
my sweet s__y girl
(ma tendoroni let me show u how am gonna love girl tonight)


my heart belongs to tenderoni
(she is ma only love)
she's ma only love
(my tendoreni)
my heart belongs to tenderoni
(she is ma only love)
shes ma only love

verse 1
co' on baby

when i sit back
and close ma eyes
when i got u sitting by side
when i feeel that s__y body
rubbing up all over mine.
that is when i know
i got a tendoreli
more then a homie
when the lights go down
you are all up on me. d___...
now i gotta show u mamma
toching places is that u wannna
so hot like Arizona
in wada California
cause you are the top tendoreni
that i been tryin'to find
tell me your fanacys
and all your secrets on ur mind
lets roll on a hotel suit
londery and your preety feet
loook so good that i wanna eat
i think ur twisting me
and i know u love this place
so good like birthday cake
lets pu it down like Bobby Brown
and ma man Baby Face


use to a time
when i skipped the game
always got a girl fora different date
its funny how life takes a sudden change
cause then i all pimp up on ma brain
got one girl that makes me hold all of the other girls are at the front door
was one to be grown
but i will sit back and drop slow
got a lot of mooney u know that
so let me keep you like a polar cat
get a gicci bag to match
and then get the shows to go with that
i love it when you walk down reprcenting
jay sat suit to the fullest stand

By Ricky Jam u Know How It Is

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