Why? The Hollows (radio clean) Lyrics

As I lay me down to fall asleep
with my demons dying and my pilot light weak,
I curse the last six months
I've been hiding behind a mustache, yeah.
And to those last 10 years
I've been howling a paper moon.
Well f___ you.

This goes out to all my underdone and undertongued, monk-lunged frontmen.
As all this earth grows I'm planted.
That's some pull.

You shine a flashlight in, my head box and spin,
an empty oyster shell, and celebrate the hollows.

This goes out to dirty dancing, cursing, back-masking, back-slitting pranksters, kids.
As all this earth grows I'm planted
That's some pull.

In Berlin I saw two men f___
in the dark corner of a basketball court.
Just a slight jangle of pocket change pulsing.
In the tourist part I lost 50 euros
to a guy with the walnut shells and the marble.
and it really p___ed me off
so eww, I thought I'd go back to get my money,
but all my homies warned me: "OH NO
those gypsys probably got knives!"

This goes out to all my under-brewed, double duked, two time troopin fools.
As all this earth grows, I'm planted,
that's some pull.

I got them shaky gums and a couple of loose tooths.
Now tell me what should I do?
My God, the clock's always stuck yellin' 11:11, at 3:32.

This goes out to all to my under-done, under-tongued blung-wunged frontmen.
As all the earth's growing, I'm planted,
that's some pull.

This goes out to my under-tongued, over-done, blung-wung frontmen.
As all this earth's stuck doin' the crow like it ain't no joke.

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