Unmoored Commit to the Fire Lyrics

Deathlike rebirth
another passage being razed
symptomatical third-degree burns
inmost nature set ablaze

commit to the fire - submit to desire

degeneration of an everlasting
struggle within
aftermath of vast proportions
ending all therein
enigmatic regeneration
structural mutations
by cycles of uncertanity
pulling the wires
and taking its breath away
burnt between two fires

last resort
without a parallell
tranformation of fear
accidental occurance
or just frality?
won't last another day
expiring at dusk
leaving an existence void behind

not ever rising
never going down
insistent delusion

not ever darksome
never full of light
persistent illusion

not ever falling
never holding out
existent delusion

not ever intact
never left undone
resistant illusion

breathing its last
embers of dispiritment
an amaranth in the ashes
yet a turn has come to pass

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