Deinonychus The Fragrant Thorns Of Roses Lyrics

Let mother nature sweep me up in her infinite arms
Let her carry my burden, this sorrowful dirge is to comfort her
Her sweet night lullaby will sooth my sadness
And I'll dream the passions once again, for all my dreams are but of her
And let the moon reside over us tonight, like embracing lovers
Its gentle solace warms me with its light
As giant trees shed their tears before my path, soft colours of cool Autumn nights
And I walk upon the thorns of roses spread along my path
Blood leaves the innocence far behind and lets the corrupt aggrandise
Tread this bloodiest path, and you'll taste her infinite love
Into the arms of mother nature and time beyond

Her feminine beauty surrounds us at all times, her hate is all I seek
And sheathed are those who are blind to her darkness, her hate is her love
She is always crying out for her children, yet our concious minds cannot hear her cries
My concupiscence for her is great

I am truly one of her cult, a spitual one
Whose heart rests in melancholy...Forever, the word itself is etched in my skin
My feet are b_____ from walking this path
My face hardened from all my loss
And my tears have long dried up, and no more tears can I shed
I just keep walking in the night, searching, for knowledge is the key to her wisdom
Into the arms of mother nature and time beyond

I bury myself deep in her bossom
And hold on all throughout the long night
Whilst the chorus of nature lulls me into sleep, and into dreams of the sullen
I'm so tired, tired of being alone
I cry out to let her know of my desire, she will answer my call
To pass through into the dismal gloom of death
She will taste my blood tonight, the sweet taste of my blood

The hour of my demise has come, the final hour
And the sun is close to dawning
I walk along the path, weary and my feet bloodied and sore, from the fragrant rose thorns underfoot
Deep into the woods
I take the knife and hold it out before my eyes, the gleam from the blade is frightening
And say my last goodbye, I'm coming.
I cut deep into my flesh and watch the blood run forth from my wounds
And fall to my knees when I see the light, the final light before the darkness
And I know, I am one with her, my mother nature
And I shall go now, into the arms of mother nature and time beyond...

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