Autopulver Being Boring Lyrics

i came across a cache of old photos
and invitations to teenage parties
"dress in white" one said, with quotations
from someone's wife, a famous writer
in the nineteen-twenties
when you're young you find inspiration
in anyone who's ever gone
and opened up a closing door
she said: "we were never feeling bored"

'cause we were never being boring
we had too much time to find for ourselves
and we were never being boring
we dressed up and fought, then thought: "make amends"
and we were never holding back or worried that
time would come to an end
we were always hoping that, looking back
you could always rely on a friend

when i went i left from the station
with a haversack and some trepidation
someone said: "if you're not careful
you'll have nothing left and nothing to care for
in the nineteen-seventies"
but i sat back and looking forward
my shoes were high and i had scored
i'd bolted through a closing door
i would never find myself feeling bored

now i sit with different faces
in rented rooms and foreign places
all the people i was kissing
some are here and some are missing
in the nineteen-nineties
i never dreamt that i would get to be
the creature that i always meant to be
but i thought in spite of dreams
you'd be sitting somewhere here with me

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