Richter My Calling Lyrics

I want much more than what you offer - you just slag me
I want to know the unknown answers - you drag me down
oh, high time you get behind me
oh, get gone - don't you vilify me

all these years I've worked so hard to free myself from bondage
all the simple things I took for granted lie beside the road I've travelled
worn and weary - ordinary
and given to moods of spite and jealousy
tired of cruelty - bored with envy
and driven by thoughts of joy past memory
this time it's gonna be better than all that time we spent together

...oh, get gone - you terrorize me

all these years I've struggled with this all-consuming anger
all the greatest pains that go unspoken
bind us to the paths we've chosen
cold and empty - bruised and angry
and used by a lie that defines your morality
send your money - p___ the jewellery
we're sowing the seeds of hate and misery

and all the times you will not kiss me 'till I guarantee my love
by god I think you sure would miss me if I took away your drug

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