911 The Other Side Of My Mind Lyrics

Maybe you don't know how to make mistakes
If I die before you turn your face make me think that
You're a pathetic man and you believe in a perfect world
You are wronged
And it's impossible
We live in a wild world
The other side of my mind!

Why do you say that I don't care about myself?
That all my friends are lazy and I'll become one of them
That if I don't make up my mind I will go down
So what am I doing here?

Please don't tell me all that bullshit
Please leave alone!
I can think by myself
Don't care about it
You ain't nothing to tell me what I must do
I am flying and it doesn't matter

Do you remember when my parents called me dreamer?
But I am still here dreaming about we will play with Code Red
Outside from here
Outside from here!

I can play guitar
I can sing
When you don't even know how to f___ing think
You ain't nothing to tell me what I must do
Now you are flying and it doesn't matter.

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