Mars Ill Black Box Artist (Boom Bap) Lyrics

It's like Boom-Bap, original rap
We take it back and move you forward just to tear it in half
Boom-Bap, original rap
We take it back and move you forward just to tear it in half...(Repeat)

[Verse 1]
I'm a rebel without a pause
play tape
Claymation action-figure transforming the norm and changing shape
Still face to the face with the grace that it takes
To escape all the hate and calculate each back-break
Communicate the Creator's thoughts with every breath
Control my stride, no man can divide and make me half-step
Pass the solid ground to s___es to the left
If you've got something left to throw, I got something to intercept
This is harder than it looks. This is better than it sounds
This is everything it took to separate me from the ground
This is levitation 101. We tread upon the clouds
And make a name for Mars ILL 'til it fills your mouth
Work it out, make optimists out of the cynical
I like to scramble words around until I make them sensible
One-dimensional voices cry like primadonnas
While we stretch hip-hop from Sugar Hill to Futurama...


[Verse 2]
I got a strong mind. It doesn't have to be spoon-fed
I treat my audience with respect and my dialect is interjected
Into conversations worldwide, a piece of heaven injected
Into the blind, scales fall from their eyes
It's all to my surprise that a sound could move the masses
Take my everyday observations and press them onto plastic
Lessons automatically grabbing your fascination
When delivered into action my masters of rap relations
A revolution in music we loosen the chains that hold you
Don't say you weren't aware because I told you
They sold too many souls on the auction city block
Wrists slit on Wall Street, snake-eyes and risky stocks
My life hits a third shift frame of mind
I understand your struggles because they're mine
I spit a trail for you to follow what you thought you couldn't find
Past and present intersected inside of God Divine...


[Verse 3]
This earth is my place of birth
I want the universe to know God for everything it's worth
Break the cycle 'til it hurts between the lines and in the margins
Killing time and changing life inside a studio apartment
Sacrifice the hardship for those wearing a target
Maximize compassion 'til it smashes through the market
Never call it quits, we've got to finish what we started
Build until you touch the sky or 'til you're in the coffin
It's all in the patterns, stitched and gathered at the seams
We come together to interpret your dreams and what they mean
So thanks for coming out and thank you for listening
Thanks for making it to the end of the track and acting interested
Your time and energy are valuable as well as limited
The fact that you chose Mars ILL is quite considerate
Hope to see you around real soon just for the sentiment
We have to know the past to realize what vision is...


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