Marky Ramone and the Intruders Middle Finger Lyrics

Got friends that bring you down
And hurt is on your mind?
It won't come out your mouth
Then use it like a sign
Your parents put you down
The teacher says you're dumb
Your girlfriend tells your friends
Your brain is numb

Give'em the middle finger
They all understand
It's the universal language
You've got one on each hand

Give'em the mdidle finger
Everybody knows
It's the end of every sentence
The world's most famous quote

You're on the highway with the radio on
Then someone cuts you off and the've got a gun
Know when you use it and know what you've got
If you musise it you might be shot

Bruisers don't mean nothing
In a fight that don't last long
Use your middle finger
If you think that you're so strong

The time has come now don't try to hide it
You're all p___ed off
And a fool tries to fight it
Now show it off and wave it like a flag
Know how to make a point
When you're mad

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