Ice Nine Kills Sign Here Lyrics

When I woke up
There was a man at my door
And I laughed when he told me
Not to work anymore
He said you've got an obligation
That's to be a teen sensation
You'll be played on every station
So we're off
You going to be a star

He said it's lucky for you
Cause I'm the right guy to know
I'll get you out of this town
I'll get you playing big shows
With all the bands on TRL
So all your fans can go to hell
Cause every album that you sell
Can buy me a new house

You might have been the punk rock scene
But now you're in magazines
Sign here, sellout, and go home with girls under 15

Do you think we look just like super models
I don't care cause my life is not a show on TV
And I don't want to try and have to be perfect
Cause I know this life is not for me
Do you think that we could be stars
One hit from us and then who knows who we are
I don't want to try and have to be perfect
Cause I know it's something that I'll never be

So I went to the store
And I bought magazines
That taught me what to wear
And how to fit in the scene
So all the girls will think I'm hot
Whether my music's good or not
Its just more money in the pot
To buy anything I want

I want to live my life without any common sense
I want to do things and not deal with the consequence
But I'm pathetic so I'll have to forget it
Cause I'm the type who lives his life each day and regrets it
But I don't need high school because it's overrated
And I don't need a girlfriend cause they're too complicated
And I don't need anything except my guitar
And a pen to sign the autographs when I become that star

But who blames us for having a catchy sound
Should they blame us for breaking through the underground
If you had that chance you'd do that too

Cause we're living a dream but it's our occupation
And we're driving across the country like we're on vacation
We're partying every night just to play one show
We're waking up in the morning with a girl we'll never know
No one to tell us what to read or write
And we're sleeping through the day so we'll stay up all night
It's only in my dreams I'd ever get this far
But for selling out our fans would it still feel good to be a star?

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