The Loved Ones Brittle Heart Lyrics

I've had a couple of months to make sense of the story
Yeah, you tried to warn me
But I was in a bit deeper than I ever knew
That much is true
And these awkward moments won't stay awkward forever
Sometimes these awkward moments are the ones that you treasure

Oh, you built me up inside your brittle heart
And I just burned down everything

I've been keeping my head, yeah I keep to myself
With my heart on the shelf
And the bars and the guards seem hard but don't worry
I'll be out in a hurry
I've been reading so much, it keeps my mind off the cold
But by the time I get out will my mind just feel old?

I don't know if I really deserve a thing for what I may have done
What I know is that every minute that I get, it's not enough

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