what would Jesus do Lyrics

Some people just want to survive
And I don't know about you
But I am alive
Lately it seems that I need a hand
In a fallen world, I just want to stand
What would Jesus do walkin' in my shoes
Workin' at my job and goin' to my school?
And I hear people say, "Jesus is the way"
I believe and that is way I'm asking you

What would Jesus do?
And as we all know
Life can be tough
And all that we need is love - sweet love
So where do we go? Well here's what I see
To change my world
I gotta change me

Sometimes choices don't seem black and white
And they can leave you black and blue
What would Jesus do - He'd give His life for you
If you follow Him - you'll give your life to them
Shine on - Shine on - Follow with Jesus
Shine on - Shine on - Follow with Jesus

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