Katatonia O How I Enjoy Light Lyrics

It's us I liken to a covey
a polar bear has breached a pup
the palace walls are
strewn with tapestries
and the window panes are
splintered and shattered
with a crumbled dog
on every landing
and every stranger cowers
the dress is torn,
the tone demanding
the canine's latent strength

And would her loins
would yield a yelp
a beating purr to steal the
time with
here's where we walk,
hand in hand
o how I despise it
o how I enjoy the light
of the first morning forever
wisdom, wealth tag
on like afterbirth
I will love you forever

And if I don't
and if I do
the difference exists in a
the day has cooled,
the time will too
and we will call upon the light

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