Meriwether Street Legal Shootout Lyrics

On the phone, in the car,
I'm wondering where you are.
You're all alone, and you're a star,
I'm so far from where you are.

The letters wrote,
in pen and ink,
there was blood inside the sink from broken glass,
and will this last will you sing this one more time?

Yes I am, yes i am
I am nothing, I am no one, I'm not worth a single cent
without you. without you.
i am nothing. i am no one. im not wortha single cent.

So would you cover it up.
Do you see what you've done.
This is all that you were, and all that you've become.
And if I fall, and if I fall,
would you ever care at all.

Would you watch this explode
to see the ambers and the coals as long as you're here,
for me to follow,
i'll be on my knees.
yes i am.

as your here,
for me to follow,
you've got me on my knees.

I am your every nightmare.
Bleeding, from the lack of sleep.
Naked, wishing I were watching.
You bathe, like a beast in heat.

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