The Pharcyde Otha Fish In the Sea Lyrics

Yeah, bam, bam, bam, heyya, whassup, yeah
We was like that you know
Yeah, and I bet you got layed back
Yeah, ima uh, Im a just sit in here for a couple of hours
Man, dont sweat it, yo, we gonna catch some stuff, dude
Oh no, Im kinda tired
Nah, we got a basket, were gonna fill this basket before we go, yo
Aight, bro
Cause there are otha fish...

[slim kid tre]
It took a second to register up in my branium
My dome, my head, my skull, my cranium
My eyes have had enough, it was time to do some talkin
I had to creep through the hound-dogs that were stalkin
This slimmy caught me peepin, this means she wasnt sleepin
On who I was, so she crept in like a hawk
In a minutes time, we adjourned to the floor
Ooh! I hit a high note cause of the way that she was walkin
We got into the groove, I didnt bust no, uh, hip-hop moves
I just kept it nice and smooth
Next thing you know, we got together, word, I thought wed be forever
Didnt have an um-ber-ella, now Im soaked in stormy weather
Whether two birds of a feather fly or fall itll be together
Never sympin, and leave your love life limp
Therell be no suicide attempts for this slim-trim kid
Cuz you know theres otha fish in the sea, that is, in the sea
In the sea that is

(chorus 3x)
(in the sea) you know theres otha fish in the sea that is

I reminisce, try to clear up all the myths
For an imaginary kiss with you again
Not even friends, though I wish that I could mend
Like a tailor and be olive oyls number one sailor
I ams what I am, still I falls like an anvil
Shes heavy on the mind sometimes its more than I can handle
But men arent supposed to tumble into the den b
Macho, but I hancho like pancho will give in
Family oriented, but not oriental
A dame is supposed to claim ya even if you drive a pinto
A hero is a sandwich, and a manwich is a meal
A marriage is a paper, are they fakin or for real?
Whats the deal dabbers? will you go tumbling after
Your man and take a stand or will you help him roll faster?
The reason why I ask you is because Im sick of this
b____ lickin drip drip from a n____z benefits
He doesnt even suit ya and hes surely not ya size
Im surprised that you slept on a heart thats worldwide
And when ya open up ya eyes, babe, my mate, I really wish
That ya dont bruise a limb, as ya swim with otha fish in the sea
In the sea that is

(chorus 3x)

Now, if there aint no mountain high enough
Why aint you climbin up?
My hand has been extended every since the day I lent it to ya
I thought I knew ya, but I didnt even know ya
Bro, youre stupid, cause ya thought youd catch a cupid
And you found that love aint two wiffs of s___
So I resign or quit
It aint even about the hips, or the lips or the t__s or
Even the p____whip, elizabeth, this is it
Because I slipped and I tripped into a shoe that didnt fit
And now the next man is stealing my heart away
Id charge him like a bull, but his pull never fades me
The kid is going crazy, they steppin with my lady
They workin on a baby, Im pushin up the daisies, but
Hey diddle diddle, I wont play second fiddle
To no man and stand firm on this
And seal up on the bliss with a big juicy kiss
Just call me big gibraltor miss
No, I wont diss, Im just like on to otha fish in the sea
In the sea that is

(chorus 3x)

You know theres otha, you know that theres otha
(chorus repeats 20x)

In the sea, baby (4x)

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