Loki-Causer of Ragnarok Lyrics

Loki: the ancestor of Scandinavian pantheon
The father of snake Midgard
With the servants enlightened by wild flames...
Shall be the causer of Ragnarok
By not missing the opportunity to play tricks on his master Odin

The poetic depiction of wheat fields waved by breeze
Was Sif's hair; what Loki cut
Learning this, Thor took Loki
And swore him in having Black Sylphs make hair of gold
For Sif, which grow like the natural

Freya desired strongly to get the necklace
Made by four dwarfs
The dwarfs, making love with each one for a night, in return,
Said that they could give it to her
Loki, hearing this bargain, informed Odin, husband of the goddess
Then he a__igned Loki to steal the necklace.
They witness an irony with the supernatural,
Which reveal the meaning of human freedom.

When the sun darkens, the soil is taken in by the sea,
And the bright stars fall from the sky
People shall fight till all the world is on fire.
Upon this, the Gods shall be armed
For a last war against the forces of evil

After Ragnarok, shall a new soil appear
Productive, green, fine, new that hath never been before
And in the air shall a new sun start to rotate, brighter than ever.

In the water exists the soul of died down fire!!!

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