Mr. Sancho I Reminice Lyrics

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Only 2 1/2 years but a lifetime of memories

The moment I heard you were gone I broke down crying on my knees saying Lord please

Take me instead cuz I feel like I'm already dead

My methods ahuevo de smoke that's why the future will roll in his head

Man getting a little choked up just rubbing about it

Los hombres no lloran for s___ homeboy quit rubbing about it

I reminice about back in the day we use to play before we lift weights

But I also remember the scuffles we had in pulling the plane this way

Hearing you say to this day "Hey perro come over so we can lift weights"

And getting a hyna and getting first dates

And I embrace finally grasping hard to reality cuz I hate living a fantasy

Realizing that not really here I said to myself that it cannot be

It cannot be that you're not really here

It cannot be it cannot be that you're not really here

It cannot be it cannot be that you're not really here

It cannot be it cannot be that you're not really here

You're not really here

Chorus: 2x

I reminice about back in the days carnal

We use to kick it in the playground and lift weights carnal

I wonder why you had to leave my side

Your memories on my mind everyday and every night

All of the time

You're probably wondering why I didn't show up to the funeral

I bet it was beautiful carnal did it hurt just to look at you

Laying there in the coffin on your back just in black cuz I couldn't understand the fact

That you had to pass and couldn't get a chance

To live a holy life

Always did something right our couple of days were tight

Thanks for everything expressing my gratitude with tears trickling

Down my face cuz I went out with praise is this a bunch of no maze?

But in the end of my days thinking of ways

I'd rather get by or leave myself a place so I must get high

Why is it so many questions to solve?

Not enough answers so it's easy to call I don't worry it all

I'll be your help when I fall when I feel pretty sure with your pictures on my wall

Now I lay me down to sleep dream my soul for the Lord to keep

And if you ever see me sleep anything close to a week

Now I want to let you know that I truly rest in peace

Yeah was sup. This song is dedicated to my homie Gabriel

who passed away on Mother's Day. And is dedicated to his familia

and everyone who's lost someone out there. Rest in Peace. I know

you're looking down on me homie. And I know it. Rest in peace.

Gracias Por everything homie. I'll miss you. Al rato


It's hard homie putting these words in a song cuz now you're gone

And I'm all alone suicidal thoughts just rolling through my dome

I'm sorry ese if it seems like my voice is getting eerie

But every night I think about that day I get a little teary

Si supieras lo que hicistes dejastes a tus padres bien triste no es un chiste

Es algo serio caiste al cemeterio

De los 17 añosnomas por un paño

Y el varrio que queries tanto como les canto

Esta historia sin estar llorando?

Cuando ando solo en mi carro me acuerdo en esos tiempos desmadrosos

Dos mocosos jugandole los pozos

De las calles we were whooped we went out to the valles

Looking for enemigas listos para ser desmadres was an everyday thing

And until that night when I heard the phone ring at about 2:00 in the morning

My jefita gave me the bad news and my tears just started pouring, pouring

This is for all my homies that passed away. Descansa en paz.

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