Little Steven Undefeated Lyrics

Your love is so precious baby
So precious to me now
I got a thousand miles behind me
And a thousand more to go somehow
And there ain't no peace with honor baby
No matter what you hear
Ain't no peace with honor baby
Until we disappear

Don't call yourself a patriot
Not with that gun in your hand
There's only one way out of here I understand

Undefeated, everybody goes home

I got your picture close to me
I touch it when I'm scared at night
I want your picture to be
the last thing I ever see in my life
And I ain't got no time for your pity
I got no more words to say
And you don't know what you care about
Until it's blown away

Don't call yourself religious
Not with that knife in your hand
And there's only one way out of here
I understand
That is

Undefeated, everybody goes home

There's never been more distance baby
Keeping us apart
There's an ocean, there's a desert
There's a hole right through my heart
I hope you can remember me
I might be gone to stay
I might be here forever
Fighting here forever baby
Until we're

Undefeated, everybody goes home

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