Timelessness Travelling In The Time Lyrics

Controlled by foreing being to my
they say to me what I must be
wrapped in a spiral
of which I want to escape

I need return backward and to entrust
the mistakes come I...

The time is ended and I don't have
more choise to kill those souls
entrust my past, I seek, I found and murder
to those souls
I've returned to the present
My life isn't inmersed in the spiral in wich I was

Dimensions, they played with my life
as a puppet,

The chaos abounds in my mind
And around my, I can not find the responsible
of my destiny, finally the spiral has broken
the guilt is my own
I'm the procoursor of my proper extintion
Don't have I alternative?

Desolation is that was waiting for me
my present and future

What is definitively the dimension to wich I belong?

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