Busta Rhymes Psycho (Feat. Cassidy & Papoose) Lyrics

[Busta Rhymes:]
I'm nice with the lead peel your edges like slices of bread
percise, become a poltergeist, stickin knives inside of your head
what's the issue, on a roll, like a roll of toilet tissue(?)
i continue to expose you n____s that's so superficial
i script you your obituary then blow like a missle
once i blow the whistle, motherf**k may the forces be with you
come with a style, im wildin, pile up my money so kosher,
then call up the sofa f**kin b____es in back of the rover
then bounce with the coca, bag up b____es outside of the costa rica area level, my features and carry my posters
[talking intermission]
unprecendented, i cememnted, you changin your flow up
while helpin you grow up, n____s know you for soundin so tore up
challengin n____s, better hold on to bannister n____s
f**k around i'll stuff your body parts into cannisters n____s
like you don't know the half, i'll bust your motherf**kin a__
busta buss, cass, and papoose is f**kin psychopaths

Making n____s Wanna Get Hype Yea I'm PSYCHO [x8]

My n____ beside me with triggers and n____s get bodied
i lock a strip and chop a brick like im mr. miyagi
but this aint karate, i been sick since i p___ed in a potty
i probably been proper since my papa put d___ in my mommy
i'm a cannon man
holdin the hamma man
for the loot n____s shoot n____s like a camera man
snappin a picture, you get stuck like the back of a sticker
i got bars like the factory manufacturing snickers
and i do crimes for the bread like croutons

with two nines i be layin clowns down like foutons
with the bullets in the rocket, my pockets is full of cream
i'm blowin steam keep the steel in my hands like wolverine
[talking intermission]
poppin the metal, you n____s is not on my level
i'm locking the kettle man, i'm hot like the pot and the kettle
on the mic i spaz, who get it hype as cass
and my n____ busta, we some m____f**kin psychopaths

Making n____s Wanna Get Hype Yea I'm PSYCHO [x8]

I'm an iceberg trapped in a fire i won't melt
I'm a fetus that survived an abortion, i won't be kilt (killed)
i'm the heart of brooklyn, New York, I'm bedstuy
i'm a christian woman's hand on the bible i wont lie
i'm the code of silence in the gotti crew
i'm an empty mag right after a shootout, i just bodied you
got something sup? shotgun pump, shot at you
like kamakize through, your baby mom's feel the wop c___ back
cause she was sittin on my lap
i stay with the oowap strap
i put your baby daddy in a body bag
when i squeeze and let the wop clap
i baghdad like iraq
[talking intermission]
this is my era, you n____s is losers
i'm the new era(error) like a mistake on your computer
got the infrared dot, bustin you gullible suckers too

Making n____s Wanna Get Hype Yea I'm PSYCHO [x8]

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