Tigerstyle feat. Kanwar Son Of A Sardar Lyrics

[intro: we should be proud of the fact that we are the sons of guru gobind singh and i dont bow down to noone else, why should we not show our pride? i have this pride inside of me!]eh ankh honi chahidi hai..
bhai mai Guru Gobind singh saib da singh han..
mai nahi jana jang to pare...

im a son of a sardar!

meri ejjat da vi ta koi maan hai na.??
mai Guru Gobind singh saib da singh haan...

im a son of a sardar!

land of five rivers gives birth to these live ninjas
they didn't want us to survive but we ride ninja
i represent the punjabi pride for life ninja
for the khalsa we fight and die ninja, my ninja!

strap kirpans to the side we catch flight
praying to waheguru before the sunrise
sacrifices made by these singhs won't be forgotten
i wouldn't be here if it wasnt for them

pay homage to the gurus and the khalsa
my forefathers were martyrs and maharajas
real shaheeds that died for you and me
the plight of the sikhs is alive not deceased
its inside of me

tatti tavi te baike guru ji, haqq de khatil massal mil nahi sakti koi inah de barabbar..
desh gulam hi rehna si te na hundi hindi je chand kurbani dinde na Guru Tegh Bahadar...
(the guru sat on a burning hot plate for the purpose of truth,
there will be no example which matches this
the land would have still be enslaved if it wasnt for the 9th guru
giving his sacrifice)


im a son of a sardar!

me and my ninjas, we all got tiger in us
that punjabi code language, there is no decifering us
partner im more dangerous the hyphier ones as us
i known to cause as much anguish as us
when i pick up the mic and buss!

these words that i speak dont treat them as false
we're not hiding anywhere so you better recognise
this concept of martyrdom has started from us
the singhs, warriors cause kaos

dont accept opression, and never lose the struggle
with their head on their hand they fight for their country
they give life to truth, and their turban is their pride
they show dedication from within their heart

the most perfect form, young, tall and handsome
like the waves of the sea they lash through life
true to their word, and pure from the heart
determined as they are, i wish god may protect them with his guiding hand

blood that spilt made the land of punjab
jallian wala bagh is one prime example
that well is still testiment
how warrior udham singh caused destruction in london


im a son of a sardar and a sardarni
my people are into farming no man can harm me
we got our own army
the khalsa
thats what we call the sardar of the maharaja, the tenth guru

guru gobind singh ji
is the kind of me
and the ring of sikhs, its our responsibility
to keep the memory of the legendary ten Gs alive
like guru nanak stopping the rock at panja sahib
and the 4 sahibzade that lost their lives,
and the 5 beloved ones who were ready to die
and the 40 mukte, that sacrificed
the story of these saints brings tears to my eyes

but i
im a son of a sardar
got a khanda hanging from the mirror of my car
yellin that jaikara like bole so nihal
and if my people hear me holla sat sri akal

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