Cubemusic Generations Lyrics


Most mamas say love don´t come easy,
you´ll have to wait til the right one is there
most daddies pray "you´ll never believe me"
the time has come to come of age.

Be a man and be a daddy
the way i am that´s the way it goes,
Don´t make the faults that we did in the past son
make your choice


A new generation - but the game is always the same
Your generation - is nothing more than the others before
The old generation - is out of date, but they made
A new generation is born...

Now you´re grown up and you are the daddy,
of a sweet child agile and wild,
And all relatives do know better,
what he should do and what is wrong and right,

You are stressed out they are upset,
that´s the way it usually goes,
if only someone would have learned from the past,
we wouldn´t have (got) this problems at last.


When you are grandpa and you have (got) grandchildren,
that game begins all over again,
You want to share your precious knowledge,
but they don´t pay their attention, it´s vain.

You are preacher, but no more teacher,
they treat you like an unwanted child,
Remember back in the earlier days,
you did the same, it´s like a slap in the face ..

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