Mos Def Pharoahe Monch Nate Dogg Oh No (dirty) Lyrics

Mos Def]
One for the treble, two for the bass
Welcome to the great incredible paper chase
Keep your boots laced if you want to keep pace
Oh No
n____s ain't scared to hustle
It's been seven days, the same clothes
Ask them originals cause they know
Mos Def, Nate Dogg, and Pharoahe
Step away from the mic they too cold
The funk might fracture your nose
[Mos Def]
Say my name, say my name
Observe how I stake my claim, I independently lay it down
and played my game, my own two raise my flame
Cause d___ ridin ain't my thang
I earned what they said I wouldn't
I got it the way they said I couldn't
But now I'm gettin it and they whole grill is crooked
Mad cause I'm gettin caked out from my bookings
When y'all was askin permission I just stepped up and took it
What!? The kid's better buy my rookie card now
Cause after this year the price ain't comin down
And if you got a joint bubblin then get money now
Cause in a minute, there's gonna be some real trouble comin out
Just a warnin, as usual some cats wont heed it
The hard headed always gotta feel it to believe it
It's a shame that jealous gaze is too short to see it
But when they face hit the cement, they nod in agreement
We could play nice and decent, or dirty like the 7-1 Precinct
Call it a day or make it a long evenin
You keep on schemin, man give me some more reason
to have the women in your mama's church screamin

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