Noise Box Chestcrack song Lyrics

(I'm cracking my chest)
we drive our cars along the same old road
dodging all the holes and b__ps and dangers
but we're not scared
we never put our foot down on the brake
it's not an option
we'll never stop running, running, running
it's not an option
and there will always be time for a laugh
and a couple of whiskeys
after dinner
at the Chinese restaurant
brown words
you're on the stage now
I'll sing along when you're under the spotlight

You're an ace
You're a crack on and of the stage
When we laugh about something really gore
When we laugh about the things we did

I love to read all the things you write
About the things that happen in your a__
It's toilet poetry
And then we can go out and have a laugh

I'm cracking my chest

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