Lil' Scrappy Baby Daddy Lyrics

Your my d___ (this for all the baby daddies)
All the things i need (know what it is man)
But there's just one thing (baby you got to be true)

Oh, didn't i give you the cars, didn't i give you the moon, didn't i give you the stars
Put you in big a__ house, put money in yo purse, put food in yo mouth
And i was real as hell, and all you could give me was a taste of hell
And i told you i cheated and that's all it takes for you to tell me to beat it

Don't be offended, of anything i might say

Didn't i give you a baby, and when i told you i love you it drive you crazy
Treated you like a queen, so you wouldn't feel like the other ladies
Oh, i gave you the world and you walked out my life cause i f___ed another girl
Man, we gotta get this thang tight, gotta get this thang right
Cause it kinda sound like

Didn't i take 3 or 4 days to spend time with you, come on girl
Came home off the road, shawty, even when i wasn't spose to
Sure i gave her a lil d___ but i gave all my love to you come on
Naw it aint about the money but it's funny when you get mad, shawty you gon never keep it true

Don't be offended of anything i might say

Of course you was there for me when my mouth was hurt and a n____ couldn't talk, talk
I remember when you were pregnant and i was there when you couldn't even walk, walk
Now i don't give a f___ about them other hoes as long as we could live life gold,
Yeah i'm looking at your pockets, they looking kinda swoll, does that make you a hoe, No


Oh, you had drama wit my mama, but i stayed wit you and ate it all up like a runner
And when you found out s___ you got mad and got the hell on and beatit like a road runner
I hope you chill out cause you got my baby, and to me she the #1 stunna
You gotta cool that s___ down baby even if you don't want to you gotta be true

Can't be offended, ya'll make ya'll baby want u son
This for all the baby daddies
You really love yo woman, you'd die fo yo woman
But they don't want it, they want to fight us
They got everything in the world
They say they won't leave us and keep it true
But they walk out of our lives
Aint it crazy
Take care of yo child n____
I love my baby mama, she cool
Keep it flowin, keep knowing
Everyone keep it strong
G's up, get you cheese up
It's yo boy Lil Scrappy

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