Pere Ubu Birdies Lyrics

I gotta get holda myself.
I gotta pull myself up by my socks.
I gotta grab myself by the collar and shake!
The birdies are singing.
The birdies are saying what I want to say.

Now watch this close.
(Oh, I should say 'closely.')
Here we go!
The foot goes up.
And the foot goes down.
And so I move along.
And actually get somewhere,
actually get somewhere.
And when the feet,
the big feet get tangled...
And I fall down on the ground?
Well, I get back up.
I get right back up!

A tree,
a dog,
a cat,
a house,
a car,
Dumpdee dump.
Dumpdee da.
Look at me!
I've got my feet on the ground.
And my head in the air.
And I'm moving along.
The wind's going through.
And my hair's standing straight out behind.
And I'm moving along.
I'm standing up.
And I'm going Some-Where.
Writers: Krauss-Maimone-Ravenstine-Thomas-Thompson.
© 1980 EMI Music (ROW),
Bug Music / Music Language (US/Can).

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