Infected Captive in an Evil Palace Lyrics

The magestic presence of the night
From a throne in the depths of her stern solitude
Came and crowned me by her mourning beauty
To the mysterious realm where she took me
Into her chamber, in the silent embrace of breathless darkness
Breathed lips in the tempest of sensations
Where thou shall taste grace of death
The depth and passion of her dull glance
Confined my rapt soul into her eyes
Her splendid pinions in the darkness
Embraced abandoned, jealous fears
Scourged by cruel hands
Forced to drink repose from the chalice of perpetual gloom

I heard the sounds of sorrow and delight
that filled the haunted chamber of Countess Night...

An endless recital of fiendish choirs
A fatal o_____ of Prosperine
Carnal desires beyond the looking-glass
Have a scene in the bridal-chamber of Death
In an ivy-clad, enchanted palace
Torture without end...

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