Nesaia Circus Of Souls (live) Lyrics

Grey white wafts of mist
Draw their lines through dark streets
Screams come through the night
An atmosphere of fear
The life flourishes by the day
The death reigns in the night
When they went through the streets
Searching for new slaves

Ware human watch the meat
A slave trade on an other way
Sold souls killed and destroyed
Trodden down and burned by the life
Nothing is holy only fortune
You can buy everything when you pay for it
Life is senseless no more matter
In this city of wounder and luck

Circus of souls
Doomed by death
Humans deicated to die
In front of hungry eyes
Circus of souls
Desperation and sorrow
Broken Hearts
A life in pain

One man's joy is another man's poison
Only the death is their business
Meat and money change their owner
Because life's just a game

One man's joy is another man's poison

Death is ordinary
No more sense
Death is everywere
In every night
Drawn through dark streets

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