Nervous Gender Fat Cow Lyrics


It's not very easy to state the change that you made
It started with me waking to a whining wench
Sharpening your witch fangs as the days grew intolerable
If what we were was living then I'm glad you're dead

Fat cow
Four t__s
Cow hips

Trolloping your b___ocks like a mastodon in heat
the way you trot around you must be tight as a mud wad
Who's to even mention all the things that you did
You ended up replacing me with a closet f__

You haggy Fat cow
Four t__s
Cow hips

Traded all your wrist band for a pile of love beads
Turned so f___ing natural, growing out your hair
Mellowing your pea brain with some hippy weed
If that's what you call living, then you're better Dead

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