Zeno In Love With An Angel Lyrics

Gone a lonely night
sun lit the morning
when an angel came down to save my dream

Looking for an answer
trying to find a sign
when I felt a light pouring down on me

You took my hand - you made me see again
with your love you took my heart
and made it beat again

I'm in love - in love with an angel
from a million miles away she came right here to stay
I'm in love - in love with an angel
I look into the mirror - she saved my love today
in love with an angel

Funny how things come undone
and a heart can turn to stone
when love's not what it's supposed to be

Crying out for shelter
lost and far from home
'till my angel came down redeeming me

Take my hand - ooh what a feeling
take me high up through the skies
Angel, fly me free

I'm in love...

A victim of
a selfish fooling around
that's what I've been
and that's over now

I'm in love...

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