Helio Sequence Don't Look Away Lyrics

Well we all get up and we all get down
And we all get stuck but we come around
Now to break the news now to break the beat
Now to break the ice now to move your feet
Now I've just got one thing to say
If we stand still we're sure to just fade away

Look into your eyes
Look for something more
Hey now there's a solution

It starts with a TV but it's not in your microwave
It's all that you could be if only you were in the frame
Don't look away

Well we all get lost but we all come back
Back against the wall when the odds are stacked
Now to cut to the chase now to cut to choose
Now I'll cut you in now I'll cut you loose
Now we don't have to follow suit
If we don't play the game there's no way for us to lose

Look into your eyes
Is there something there?
Hey now there's a solution

It's just a distraction, did you catch what we said before?
Don't be a reaction to all the channels you've seen before
Don't look away

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