The Mascara Story All I Have Left Lyrics

You're so grounded, I feel skyscraper high.
Oh, my greatest mistake was letting you go, yeah.
Oh, I realize, yeah, it was my mistake, oh, I cut you off and now I regret everything.
The letters you wrote me are my everything.
I guess all that I have left.

'Cause tonight I know I miss you.
And tomorrow it will be the same.
So please tell me you still know my name.
And everything is better with you 'round the place.
So please tell me you still know my face.

There might be no way back for us.
I just wanted to say that I miss you more and more everyday.
Remember we rode the train?
We wrote letters every day.
And the way we first kissed...I'll never forget that.

And every passing second is a chance to turn it around.
And I still love you even though you're not around.
And I know there's such thing as too late.
But I never fell out of love with you.
And this past year has been so hard to get through.

And I'll never be the same until you come back.
I never knew what I had until you went away.
And now I want you back, but maybe not today.
Oh, but any day after that is fine.
I want to fall in love with you all over again.
I know it would be different this time

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