Hank Williams Jr. Why Can't We All Just Get A Long Neck?/Jambalaya Lyrics


This crime in the city streets
Always trouble in the middle east
How'd they let things get so out of hand
Just watchin' the evening news
that would give anybody the blues
The more I know, I think the less I understand

Oh Why can't we all just get a long (neck)
And make a toast to peace and harmony
Why, Why can't we all just get a long (neck)
And see how good getting a long might be

I'd like buy the world around
In the honky tonk neutral ground
So we can see that on the inside we're all the same
Pop a top and let the good times pour
Til we forget what we was fightin for
I'll ask again can someone please explain


As different as we may be
We're all one big family
Cuz if we just agree we're gunna disagree

...and see how good getting along could be....

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