A Numb Disorder Nobody My Friend Lyrics

Now I kneal to you
It's not my will you took me through my pain.
This mind is mine too
But you want it all for you and...

As I've closed my eyes
He showed again with no disghuise
In my dream again he talks to me: "close your eyes".
I have heard it all before Those words this voice I'm sure.
You have been here all along inside me
Thrust me, crash me, you took me down.

Inside my head I feel, it changes my mind and makes you real
Inside my head I'm feeling you changing the colors of the truth. Like prison of thoughts won't let me loss.
All I want is to be free again but you won't understand.

While I sleep you awake in my head chose my ways take my life and I pray... go away...

And maybe something in me wants this
Grab my will out from my lonliness
'cause it's crawling deep inside distorted desire stoped to hide.
Live beside me, live inside me.
Misty pictures draw the dust away. But still nothing seems to be clear. Oh no!

Inside my head you're real. Change my thoughts and make me trust in you. Inside my head you hide the truth.
nothing is real now 'cause I was blind, blind in this faith of dellusins and lies. Now I never could be free again' cause you alive but in my head.

While I sleep you awake in my head chose my ways take my life and I pray... just go away...

How were I chosen for this course?
The answers drift inside me. Does my lonliness make the voice come true? Did he try to tell me something?
And maybe something blazing inside me greeting anger. Rage is my key for suffering. All I want is to be belong again to myself, oh what the diffrance?!

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