Spice 1 Money Gone Lyrics

Cappin him in is b-brain with the n-nine
He never woulda th-thought, I'd be gettin mine
So now I'm on the r-run cause I took his cash
I had to b-bust a cap in his f___in a__
n____ a n-n-n-nine w-w-went bang
It was a g-g-ghetto th-th-thang
19-nuh-nuh-90 wuh-wuh-one
A lotta n-n-n-n____z d-died young
The 187 wuh 187 fuh-fact
Its comin up, c-comin up b-b-back
The future of the g-gangsta f-f-funk
Buckin with d-d-dank in the sk-skunk
I gotta g-g-gotta g-g-go
And sell me a s-sell me another O, O, O, O

Money gone
Money gone

I gotta g-g-gotta get it goin on
I deal with m-m-money g-g-gone
The figgity f-f-five-O is on my nuts
Mad cause they c-can't get a c-c-cut
Where everytime I dr-drive around the bl-block
They see my goin b-b__p and s-s-stop
And ask me k-k-question, wuh-whats my name
But he can get f-f___ed in the g-game
Cause I ain't for the f-f-f-for the p-p-pen
I hadta d-d-do em, d-do em in
Emptied out the cl-clip in his d-dome
And now its m-m-money g-g-gone


My n____ g-got the 40 sh-shootin dice
He said what they h-hittin for Sp-Spice
Livin up in the g-ghetto with the g-gats
Slangin dope made my p-p-pockets f-f-fat
The n____ on the b-block with the biggest knot
Seven f-f-fat fifty dollar n-knot
Bought a s-six five st-st-stang
The ring on my m-m-mobile rang
I got it g-goin on in the m-mix
All the broke fiends get a f-f-fix
I wonder if they t-task is about to hit
But I don't give a g-g-give a sh-sh-s___
Cause I'mma uga-O.G. in the z-zone
And my money ain't never g-g-g-gone

Yeah 187 in the m_________in house
Peace to my n____z, Black Jack
Y'all in the m_________in house
Hookin me up with that dope s___
The last track on my m_________in album
We kickin it funky gangsta
Yeah, side ways to the next light
Peace m_________er I'm outta here like last year

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