Nirvana Beeswax (Ted, Ed & Fred Demos 1986) Lyrics

I was seeking out for a funnel
Not only magnets but I could pry bar it shut
Glueing my manhood towards a manhole
Like peppy lepew the scent
hey hey had lightweight clutch

I got my t__ilate spayed x 3
i got my t__ilate

Push the a__button
Tweeking and flexing if the wind blows just right
Tacky and thumbs on polyester
Highwater jumpsuits and a raped ape

I got my t__ilate spayed x 3
I got my t__ilate

I don't know why
I got a joke too silly to say
Don't touch the b____
I got a d___, d___, hear my f___ing hate

Vinegar and water is gaining monthly
Fiberglass insulation disquised as cotton candy
Spawning down stream el rancho ovulate
Feeding a cow hamburger and raw
Peter has brought me the tiki idol
Billy's sneer reminds me of someone
Homesick, a bay aboard the love boat
Toni, Tenile, Sonny Bono, Charo had a nice set of lungs

I got my t__ilate spayed
I got a little tail

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