South Park Mexican Carolyn's Hook Lyrics

In the rancho everybody knows Carlos
still riding y still fumando audibles
I'm locked with my gente, no ay salida
trying to finish this up this about my vida
On appeal and it's going to take a full year,
they askin me if I wana go to school here
At a time when a person really needs a friend,
I'm thinking about getting back on them streets again,
I gave the Benz to happ and the vet to Beesh
I hope they use them to ride on my enemies,
I got two left whats up young Q Hueff
I heard my brother just singed up a new cheff,
Lucky Lu the Screwston Freestyler
ya'll just wishing that the Dope House would die huh!
I heard you boys talking down b__pin lips
but big mouths is only good for sucking d___s,
when I was free non of ya'll stepped to me,
now that I'm locked you hoes disrespecting me
I'll be out before you b____ n____s can count to ten
but I can touch you way before I'm out the pen,
no names I don't play that silly game
you smoking to much weed you ain't no killa mayne,
I bring vengeance I can't put it all in one sentence
but if there is a hell I can show you to the entrance

Everybody's day comes, I f___en at crumbs
I'm not a star but now I date some
Those who knew me as child growing up
seen my benz turned around and starting throwing up,
what ya'll think that I'm happy cuz a new car?
They come to me saying I don't care who you are,
I knew you when you wasn't nothing and still ain't
you just Carlos Coy but on a little tape,
you think you bad with your big house and fancy ride?
but a man is only good for what he has inside
so I say that why are you so mad?
Have you ever heard of me to go brag?
On this earth I'm no better than anybody
I was more happier without any money.
I haven't changed not one little bity-bit
to be honest ya'll the ones who really did.
Hating me cuz you live in misery
but there is other ways to take your kids to Disney
No revenge I just want my family and friends
f___ the benz and you can have the millions
All I want is a worm and a fishing pole
behind bars it' the little things you miss the most
All the parties the clubs they don't mean nothing
I miss telling little kids they can be something,
give them hope cuz I know they up against the odds
tell them do they best leave the rest to GOD,
man I know they make you feel like you don't belong
can't see your own kind on a s_____z song
little homey that's only cuz they scared of us
don't play me cuz they say I bear to much ,
I' m not negative but trying to be a pessimist
but your fear got you hating on the Mexicans

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