Avril Lavigne Avril Lavinge - You Were Mine Lyrics

i can't find a reason to let go
even though you've found a new love
and she's what your dreams are made of
i can't find a reason to hang on
what went wrong can be forgiven
without you it ain't worth living alone

sometimes i wake up crying at night
and sometimes i scream out your name
what right does she have to take your heart away
when for so long
you were mine

to go with all the pictures of our wedding day
it was a time of love and laughter
happy ever after
but even those old pictures have begun to fade
please tell me she's not real
and that you're really coming home to stay


i can't give you two good reasons
to show you loves not real
he's two and she's four
and you know they adore you
so how can i tell them you've changed your mind


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