Gehennah Rock'n'roll patrol Lyrics

We got a call on the telephone it was a rocker who
Had problems at home
He had a message that set of the alatm
His neighboor bought an acoustic guitar

Hey, hey, what's that you're saying
I can't hear him, but I know he's playing!
We know your problem, just leave it to us...
We'll put him on the next hospital-bus!

And there it was, the scene of the crime
This neighboor really stepped out of line
Whe knew the one thing that we had to do
Break that guitar and the neighboor too

Knock knock we know that you're home
And we'll make sure you won't play another tone
Come and open or we'll break down the door
We're gonna spread your teeth across the floor

Remember your face, the nose you were born with
It won't look the same as it recently did
A punch on your mouth, both eyelids turns blue
The Rock'n'Roll Patrol was rearranged you

The whole apartment was silent and locked
He wouldn't answer when he knocked
We used a crowbar to get inside, under the bed we
Found him trying to hide

We pulled him out, held him down on the bed
Smashed the guitar against his head
Break his lips, break his lips
Shut the frontdoor on his fingertips

A final kick on his teeth real hard
Then we headed for our favourite bar
But we got angry, from the stage we could hear
Acoustic ballads reaching our ear!!!

That's it someone must pay!!!
With swinging crowbars we attacked the stage
We grabbed his short hair by the roots
And replaced his front-teeth with our boots

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