Sinisstar Electric Lyrics

Picket fences in decline
Out the way I'm coming up
I'm connected
I'm infected
Now your f___in time is up
I know it's all sublime
But this is not a crime
Be rejected
Not affected
It happens every f___in time

I'm wired
Wired into you
Wired into your life

Living a life that's so obscene from the sewer to the dream
Unpredicted I'm addicted
Living in this f___in dream
With all the s___ that's in the way
Gotta know just what to think
I can see it
Gotta believe it
Now I'm on the f___in brink

Society is killing me
Society electric

I'm wired
Wired into you
Wired into your life

Stop believing everything
That you see up on the screen
Good to know you
Had to show you
You know what the f___ I mean
Take the hypocritic oath
Then your life would be a joke
Across the nation
Got you by the f___in throat

Is killing me
Is killing me
Society electric

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