Felt All I Can Do Lyrics

Now you can go with it or against it
No matter what you choose its already been scripted
Or are their voices in it, whispering choices in it
They never say the same thing twice
They know your name and they bring advice
But which one to listen to
And will it push you short or just past what your gettin to
Determines what your gettin to and how you gettin to it
If you go with the flow, you'll never know what your doin
And your life will be ruined

The loneliness, the solitude
When the voices in the wind start callin you
You can follow through, you can fight the fear
Or you can pack up and leave if you don't like it here
I have a habit of studying the static
Cause I don't understand what you stand for
See something that you need, reach out and grab it
While I punch my smile until my hand is sore
From now on this town is deserted
The kids and the clowns have all left the circus
The pain and the hurt is like dice to the game
So I roll 'em, and listen to them whisper my name

[Chorus 2X]
And when the wind blows as hard as it blows right now
All I can do is put my hood up and walk
And when the wind blows as hard as it blows right now
All I can do is close my eyes and talk

Now it could be softcore p___, or max hardcore
Could take your whole house, or just shake the back door
It's sorta like God, you can't see it or touch it
But when it all goes down you gon feel the wrath of it
Thats how the rapture was described
A freezing night in egypt when the first born died
Your body was desserted until the wind was applied
Would of blew the apple off the tree, if eve hadnt lied
Spread seeds and disease throughout the worlds tribe
Listen when it whistles if you wish to survive
Name another force that can get noon high
But gentle enough to push the cloud from the sky
When it gets too rough then were scared to fly
But we all feel the day when we have to collide
But when I reap my whirlwind, I hope I'm asleep with my girlfriend
And feel no pain as my world then ends

[Chorus 2X]

I don't wanna know, leave me in the dark
If I can't hold it then I can't tear it apart
And it seems if, everything I touch comes to pieces
I toast to another head rush for when hell freezes
Increase the dosage, take me there
Make me numb, I don't wanna care
Turn your back, move towards the sunset
Forget about the past, the drama, the unrest
I resent what inspires me
The struggle between apathy and irony
Tryna see, and its driving me to that place
Where every face gets erased
You don't exist, its just me and this fist
That I use to beat and abuse my grin
If I was a little bit more intelligent
I would protect my skin from this wind

[Chorus 'til fade]

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