Night Versus Day She... Lyrics

She applies her eyeliner
to outline her eyes
a bit of mascara
to lengthen the night
she puts on her high heels
to give her some height
she's quite tall without them
but not by my side

She poses for pictures
wish on an eyelash
shes three little magpies
she's so middle class
she's sipping on white wine
enough to get smashed
she's frozen in mid-air
no noise till she lands

As you stumble through refections
of yourself in present times
and I think you'll find I noticed
when you gave me such a smile
to bring down walls of ancient empires
ancient creatures
quick flash floods
I've got you running through my bloodstream
when did life become so good

She expressed her interest
How could I decline?
when I need someone to just pass the time

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