Knightowl Let's Go To War (feat. Mr. Shadow) Lyrics

I'm certified loco now check the voco
I got a style so f___ing dope top notch I'm like the pope
You got no hope competing you'll take a beating
It's m________as just like you that I'm deleting
Off the map dead but still f___ I'm bleeding
Now your obitchuaries are in the paper
And now's you're mom is grievin
Cause all of them gun shot wouds you was recievin
Made it possible for your last day to come and stop your f___in breathin
It's time for your spirt to rise you soul's now f___in leavin
You took one of mine I took you out and we're still ain't f___in even
Don't think I'm gonna now stop fool I'm not threw acheivin
Not until the rest of your crew is dead by maggots getting eatin
And not until that day will The Knightowl will be threw defeatin
All those m________as I don't like holmes you best be believin
That you's f___ed up so the man with horns you're greetin
Recievin the man with the cape and the gate and there's no escape

[Chorus] (Mr. Shadow and Knightowl)
Let's go to War
Fool I'm evil as can be you sure you wanna f___ with me
Let's go to War
I brought the f___in gat to rub you off the map
Let's go to War
I got no time to waste you're death f___in awaits now go see the pearly gates
Let's go to War
I brought the clip you best not f___in trip m________a you will slip

[Mr. Shadow]
I'm down to die any day I put that on the K
If any drama come my way b____ I'm ready to spray
Got the A K 4 7
Best believe the chronic smoke inhalen
Dogs are barking cause it's death they smellin
No tellin what's gonna happen next
Look you in the eye high mixed in with X
God d___... I am.... Incredible... Unfadable... Undestructable... the
You ain't compatable the unholy master of the cerimony
Back once again a bad Mexican
Next to him is Knightowl with buck shots and a 12 guage
And a sawed off and it's your name that is read up on the front page
Now what the f___ your family gonna tell me cause you ain't came home
And left the kids alone, nothin and if they choose to do so I'm dumpin
Startin off a war in the center of the world

[Chorus 1]

[Mr. Shadow]
Criminalize your blocks with glocks and infrared beams
Blowin your spot with C-4 trick we plot schemes
Shaddered dreams my team never sleeps for ever prowlin
Force enterin houses kidnappin your spouses
Your mouth is 9 millimeters away from getting sealed
What you don't see can hurt you the weapon stays concealed
This pain your gonna feel is like no other
So go and tell your momma that you love her, for real

Let's go to war
Cranium crakin when ever The Knightowl be attackin
I'm ever slacking fool you life I'm jackin
The more he's packing ready to blast I'm never lackin
I be robbin m________as so I chips I keep on stackin
So I'm done takin over the rap game those that disagree I'm smakin
But if s___ get's a little complicated holmes I'm cappin
You best be quick and run or be the next one I'm trappin
Or you'll end up in a casket and for ever nappin

[Chorus 1]

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